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Have Fun
No crabbie people allowed
Accomodations & amenities
are for guests only
Promptly report any issues
so we can correct them

Motel Rules   

All illegal activities will result in removal without refund   

Each guest is provided with 1 parking space in front of their rooms; additional parking is located in the center of the property. 

Accommodations and amenities are only for guests of the motel unless pre-approved by management

The pool is only for registered guests.  Children should be closely supervised and adults should not swim alone. 

No additional guests  beyond what was booked are permitted without management pre-approval.

Breaking of the rules may result in removal with no refund. 

Children under 12 are to be supervised at all times by an adult


Guests leaving room damaged will be charged a minimum $200 fine plus any repair costs and income loss

Guests damaging towels and/or linens beyond normal wear and tear or taking towels for personal gain will be charged a minimum of $50 replacement cost.

Guests leaving rooms filthy beyond normal use that require extra cleaning services will be charged an additional $200 cleaning fee plus any income loss.

Smoking & vaping are only permitted in designated areas.  If evidence of smoking/vaping in the rooms, you will receive a $200 fine for cleaning services plus any income loss.

Destruction of motel or other guest’s property is cause for removal without refund and you'll be charged for all required repairs

Damage caused by pets will be charged a minimum $200 fee plus any repair costs and income loss


Swimming is prohibited in the creek behind the property

Only designated grilling/cooking areas are to be used for cooking.  No open flames, toaster ovens, cook tops, etc. are permitted in rooms unless the room is an efficiency.

Children under 18 are not permitted to use boat ramp without adult supervision

Children under 12 are to be adult supervised at all times


All guests are permitted 1 Parking space in front of their room.  Please do not park in another guest's spot.  Additional vehichles can park in the lot located in the middle of the property.  If have a special request, please ask in office for permission

Loud noise that disturbs other guests will not be tolerated and could be cause for removal without refund if not immediately addressed

Intoxicated, obnoxiously loud, disorderly people will be asked to leave without refund 

Items placed in fish cleaning area freezer are to be properly wrapped, stored, and labeled as other guests are sharing space

Fish cleaning tables are to be left clear of debris and fish remains are to be stored in provided containers/buckets.

Pets are to be leashed and/or under control at all times and waste is to be picked up promptly. 

Pets are never to be left alone in a room unless caged or quiet so as not to disturb the other quests.  If your pet is barking, you will be called back to the motel to retrieve them.

Promptly report any issues to management so we can correct as soon as possible

Items left in rooms and/or on property will be kept safe for 30 days.  If owner requests their return, shipping fees will be charged 

Wash sand off of yourself at the designated washing stations before showering in the rooms

Please remember to clean up after yourselves in the outdoor areas

Compliance with Law

We may disclose guest information to law enforcement agencies or may be required to in compliance with any applicable law, regulating rule or ordinance.  Under no other circumstances will we share guest information. 


Everyone wants to enjoy
their stay so please
be courteous of others
If you break the rules, you
may be asked to leave
Have a Swell Time
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